• August 14, 2023 at 9:59 pm #86

    Reflecting on my upbringing, I recall how your actions often baffled me, leaving me wondering about the reasons behind them. Yet, in those moments, you always managed to make me feel like the most cherished child in your eyes.
    Your presence in my life has left me with a valuable gift โ€“ a close-knit family of siblings I can look up to and rely on. When the time came for you to depart, I was by your side, holding on to the hope that you’d recover. Your reassuring smile as you told me things were improving is a memory I cling to now.
    It’s painful to realize that those were your last words to me. How I wish I could convey the depth of my love for you, to let you know just how much you mean to me, dear Daddy.
    You paved the way for my journey, preparing the ground for my growth and success. I am eternally grateful for your guidance. The moments I shared with you during your final days are etched into my heart, cherished beyond measure.
    As your son, I stand proud, knowing I come from a lineage of greatness โ€“ a dynasty you’ve helped shape. The void your absence has created feels immense, and there’s no denying the emptiness left by the sound of the bell you used to ring for me.
    Daddy, your absence is deeply felt. I miss you beyond words. Rest assured, your struggles and battles were not in vain. We, your legacy, will carry on your name, your principles, and your honor. The flag you held high will continue to fly, a symbol of the remarkable life you lived.

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